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We are proud to call Los Angeles home. We love almost everything about it, but there’s one sore spot we think everyone can agree is horrible – the traffic. Countless hours are lost driving, no matter the time, distance or direction. Wherever you’re going, the dominating and unbearable congestion of the freeways will always win. Sitting in traffic every day, slowly inching between lanes and red tail lights gives you plenty of time to think. Time to think of things like, “are we just driving in one giant cluster f*** of a city?” 

This project is an homage to the city we love. Despite its congested shortcomings, Los Angeles is still a damn cool place to live. We wanted this project to reflect those characteristics: the grinding traffic, the helplessness of perpetual stop and go, while at the same time transforming it into something visually unique that highlights the beauty among the chaos.



Originally this project took a different form, one where we planned to visit the origins of the congestion problem and illustrate potential solutions, with the goal of giving a little bit of hope and optimism for the future of commuting. Here is a sample of where that original direction had been headed.


2019 Telly Awards | Carmageddon

Silver | Fully Animated piece | Non-broadcast

Bronze | Motion Graphics | Non-broadcast

Creative | Design | Direction

Ranger & Fox

Sound Design


Special thanks to

James Owen, Johnny Farmfield