Ranger & Fox

Pausefest | Discovery




A motion response for the 2016 Pause Fest; the theme that year being 'Discovery.' We consider this to be the seminal project for Ranger & Fox; the proving ground upon which we built the studio.

We all make decisions that shape who we are, decisions that can have little effect or be so monumental that they become life altering. Uncertainty and restraint hold us back while boldness can push us to places we never thought possible. Ideas are challenged, adversity will be faced and the end results not always predictable. Discovering your future self is a journey all about finding the beauty on that unpredictable path.



2016 ADGA Design Award | Pause Fest ‘Discovery’

Distinction in motion

Motion Graphics: 100 Project You Can’t Miss

Sandu Publishing

Creative | Design | Direction

Ranger & Fox


Patrick Goski

Music & Sound

Zelig Sound


Kenji Miyazawa

Special thanks to

George, Phoebe, and the rest of the Pausefest team