Ranger & Fox



Ranger & Fox is a creative studio that specializes in discovery, strategy, and visual communication. Elevating forward-thinking brands like Microsoft, UFC, Paramount Pictures, and HP through thoughtful and effective motion design.


We’re swift and agile in our approach and will nobly protect your brand in the process.



Network | Sports | Gaming | Film | Streaming

Webster defines entertainment as anything that has significantly benefited from work by Ranger & Fox. Don’t look it up, that’s definitely what it says. Historically, our creative team has developed a wide array of visual content for many of the world’s leading sports, gaming, and broadcast companies. Whether it’s network branding and show packaging, title sequences, promos, logo design, lower thirds, upper thirds, any third, honestly, we’ve done it all over the years.


Advertising | Product | Social

Here at Ranger & Fox, we go above and beyond when it comes to working with your brand. We protect the integrity of brands, and through design-driven animation, we elevate them in a way that makes other brands go “whatever, they’re not that cool” but secretly have a picture of your brand taped in their locker. Whether it’s commercials, explainer videos, social content, or logo development, we know brands. And yes, brands have lockers.