Ranger & Fox



Untamed curiosity. Unwavering standards.

We are rangers.

Noble protectors and caretakers, our goal is to explore uncharted grounds together.

We are a design-driven motion studio that specializes in discovery, strategy and visual communication.

Agile in nature, we bring a swift and clever approach to every project.

Like a fox.

As your creative partner, we help you plan and execute meaningful design.

Let’s work together.

Awards & Recognition

2019 Telly Awards | Naga Flagship

Gold | 3D Animation | Promotional

Silver | Motion Graphics | Promotional

2019 Telly Awards | Carmageddon

Silver | Fully Animated piece | Non-broadcast

Bronze | Motion Graphics | Non-broadcast

2019 Telly Awards | Good Game, Well Played

Silver | Title Design | Online

2018 Telly Awards | R&F ‘Emoji Manifesto

Gold | Motion Graphics | Social

Silver | Fully Animated Piece | Social

Silver | People’s Telly | Social

Bronze | Art Direction | Social

2016 ADGA Design Award | Pause Fest ‘Discovery

Distinction in motion

Motion Graphics: 100 Project You Can’t Miss

Pause Fest | Discovery

Maxon | Cineversity ID

Typography For Screen

R&F | Carmageddon

Giant Spoon | Good Game, Well Played